Sharding – How will Blockchains Scale

Sharding, not to be confused with sharting , is the future of blockchain scaling. Tune in to learn more about Ethereum sharding as well as scaling for other projects. Subscribe…


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  1. Excellent video quality! What was the backdrop we were seeing? Beautiful. I myself am not confident about sharding. Being technologically challenged is a hindrance in attempting in coming up with a solution to scaling. I am trying to learn all I can about coding etc. Of course reducing redundancy can only benefit this challenge. Who knows what new concept the many brighter experienced minds will come up with. I do not care for the Lightning solution as it to me appears to be a form of centralization. Thanks for all you do Michael. It is much appreciated. Hope everyone of your followers like myself are spreading the channel so we can get you to your next milestone of 200K subscribers.

  2. Ethereum without sharding is like a one room game of PUBG. There's a max number of players in a game, but more people can play if they create multiple rooms to que up for. Thus the game run "smoothly" and can scale.

  3. Since were talking about scaling solutions has anyone checked Nexus coin and there plan for on chain scaling using a 3 dimensional blockchain? Supposedly its only limited by the number of nodes on the network. Has anyone looked into this? Is there tech/plan viable?

  4. Here's the sharding solution… rename sharding and everyone will want to be the one who solved it… keep the same name and no one will want to go down in history as the sharding guy, lol

  5. why all of a sudden are these technical bullshit things popping up as if they are being introduced by hackers? Either the blockchain is what it is or it isn't – right? Are you saying all of a sudden that every blockchain is flawed because there can be confusion over when a submission is entered into the blockchain? This all sounds fishy to me. I suspect it is all way more black and white, just like everything on facebook or twitter is permanently recorded. There is no room for hacking or any other bullshit. It can all be traced back to where it came from. Why isn't "sharding" a conversation going on with the centralized banking system?

  6. Hey Boxmining – thanks for the vid. It would be cool to see you put out a more detailed discussion on sharding (i.e., pros / cons, current development progress across major projects, implementation timelines, how to separate FUD from truth when it reaches the test net and main net).

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