The Crypto and YouTube Ice Age

The Crypto and YouTube Ice Age. 🤑 Binance Exchange: 🤗 KuCoin Exchange: Buy Bitcoin Through Coinbase: Recommend…


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  1. Hi @Crypto Daily, are you really iced? Or just in "real" holidays?
    If you wait for the next bull run to post, this bear trend might remain few more weeks, or even months..

  2. Love to see a video on P3D, Proof of Weak Hands. It seems like the new big thing. Very satirical, but cool concept to make crypto fun again.

  3. Can you please react to the rumor that big money (old rich) is manipulating the bitcoin and crypto market and for this reason it is going negative for long time.

  4. “See you tomorrow, Hopefully…”. Sponge Bob Narrator: “Two weeks later…” Instead of the single minded focus on speculation take a look at tech development news. Plenty of news there: example: Zilliqa just started their test net with 4 shards and 1000 nodes — TPS 3000. Etc… Don’t waste your talent and that studio investment. Post a minutes worth each day. Keep your subscribers!

  5. Crypto Daily not so Daily. Sure maybe we are better off 🙂 Still remember how I loved this channel in the earlier days. Then your soul started shrinking as you stopped serving the common good for our gene pool. I doubt your Lambo ideals will help grow your soul. My best info i can share with you is Dan winters work "Science of the soul" youtube Dan winter.

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