P3D is Magic! Why You MUST Invest in PoWH 3D πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ

Proof of Weak Hands Review – P3D – PoWH3D. PoWH 3D Coin Review – Ivan on tech speaks out. Bitconnect 2.0 – Trevon James and Craig Grant Exit Scam Confirmed. Bitconnect Gang POWH3D. Proof…


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  1. But did you really look into the contract and its code? Its cool that alot of people in crypto aren't tech savvy. But this code alone has survived multiple hack-a-thons, and has the highest bounty on the smart contract itself. Cyber security guys like me see the math in something like this and are able to look deeper into why a single token contract with millions of dollars in it has yet to suffer a breach in its current iteration. Finally…there is pyramids on the US dollar, yet we like to bash a meme project that has been doing good while the crypto market itself has been hugely manipulated. Choose your poison.

  2. Dude…. I FOMO'd like a mofo on this two days ago. As soon as I saw this video, I came back to reality and took my losses (10% fees) and GTFO. Putting my $ back in strong companies I believe in. Thank you for punching me in the junk to knock some sense back into me.

  3. The name of the game it says everything.
    It’s a game who’s going to stay longer
    Proof of week hand. PowH3D
    Every exchange (binance,KuCoin etc..) have a Referral Link so people can get bonus inviting others .

    Imagine it’s an eth exchange and the game in the same time ( binance is keeping all the fees for themselves) and PowH3D is sharing to p3d tokens holders.
    When someone sell ethereum, fee is distributed to users as earning. When someone buys fee is distributed too.

    I appreciate you very much and didn’t miss your videos for a long time.
    POWH3D DISCORD CHAT AND @mansto ex solidity developer will tell you everything about it.

    Big love for Crypto Love 😍

  4. Randall, I like your content and Thanks for the warning about these schemes. But let me ask you this, you mentioned many times that banks are ripping us off and you justified how Cryptos have evolved to shut them down. They only have to keep 10% of our deposited money as a reserve by law and they are free to loan the rest to any defaulters and loose our money. Then go bankrupt and then again use our tax money to bail themselves out. They build a Pyramid from our money and make our ass ripped in two parts.. Lol…. by making us sit on the tip of that Pyramid. Did you ever ask why any government in the world haven't shut them out by now? Please note it does not make any Pyramid scheme legit anyway. I was just concerned.

  5. people will buy it, i have no dought
    so chill out brah, don't scream and shout
    proof of weak hands, is GOING INSANE
    you cant stop people, that don't have a brain
    you try to help, and guild them along,
    but they just continue sucking on there bong
    people are blinded by there consumption, and greed
    spending the money, that there family need.
    "No food today kids, mom has no cash"
    she sent it to powh, via META MASK

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