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  1. Don't watch it. Download the Coin Stats app and set your price alerts to notify of any huge price swings. Set and forget. Google has bitcoin trending down to pre-November levels.

  2. Fuck your Bitcoin talks. We will rock m8. You must be a Rotchild son. Scaring decentralised systems to centralised one. Have you ever look at Down Jones market chart? This is a bubble million times bigger than Bitcoin. In 1 year all of you will cry out with the coming crash and all of you will wish Bitcoin to rise instead of make this kind of posts. Short mind people

  3. I have seen Bitcoin and how it works for the past 6 months after I learned about its sudden rise. Though I do not feel completely safe about it. Bitcoin its just Bitcoin. I have seen other altcoins that promise a lot of things and some of them even brought them to reality. I want to invest in ICO's I just dont know how to filter them from bad too good and where to invest. Any recommendations?

  4. CME has futures weekly on BTC, and it is even listed on NADEX and directly with the CME. Every time we get 2 days from the expire date (the 29th this week) the price drops. Offer is 8000 and the bid is 7855. The indicative is 7904 currently which means to me the big boys are pushing it down below this…

  5. The digital currency boom that's happening right now is a once-in-a-life opportunity. You may never have the chance to make this kind of money , this easily , ever again in your life. having a good platform , a good strategy , knowing the right coins to pick and been able to know when the coins are high and has value and when the coins will fall and losses value is all you need to join millions in the world to trade successfully to earn profits. Having a good platform with easy and fast withdrawal process keeps you on edge to make good gains. It might sound untrue to some people but the truth is, lots of people who trades with the right platforms and strategy are making a lot out of other peoples’ doubt , like the saying , take the risk and join the billionaires. lot of crypto traders who are millionaires and billionaires that we celebrate today in the world saw the opportunities in cryptocurrencies some years ago and took the risk investing in cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin not minding the outcome but today they are basking in wealth as a result of the risk they took. Cryptocurrencies is for real and a lots of people who thought they could never make it in life let alone becoming millionaires are now financially free. There are lots of new tiny digital currencies except bitcoin and ethereum which one can invest to earn awesome profits and gains . Why not be a part of this great opportunity and become free financially. I’ve earned and still earning good profits to date with the platform metronome markets which I invest with from the coins that I trade and invest on.

  6. In my opinion the reason why we haven't seen any upward movement it is because no institutional money has come in. What I think has happened is with these wild swings and drops is day traders have manipulated the market for their own gains and made these falls and then rise the price a little then fall and then rise and take the profits. Because that is what they do. Right now we are in a bear market unfortunately and my assumption until regulation starts to kick in properly we will be in a bear market for some time. However, I think prices will rise again when regulation kicks in or starts to kick in when the G20 summit starts in July . A new fresh of money will come in and the price will rocket as the average investor will feel safe. Right now no one feels safe and the market is being manipulated. Just HODL. It wont be like this forever but for now yes.

  7. The hype was fully out at Xmas. Google trend search for bitcoin is down over 80% which explains a lot. The party is over guys. I made a few thousand but could have made more but was greedy and held. My opinion is over the next few months Bitcoin will drop to lower lows, have little spikes and drop further.

  8. There is manipulation to keep the market down on purpose my opinion is there doing whales and big money that keep doing buybacks. at some point, things will go up my guess is late may early April. alot of big money needs this market and the government wants the innovation of blockchain and the banks/wall street have been in for years don't let em fool you. the market must go up.

  9. I think too many people are selling now btc and other coins. So in the next days we will maybe see the bottom of some coins again. On the one side it`s not good when everything is red because you can`t make money with good news or with important days for the coins.The good thing is, I can buy cheap again some coins when I think the bottom is reached .

  10. I think crypto blew up to fast with hype and people not understanding it, I actually like this we need to go back under and most of the over valued companies need to fall back in price until they prove them selfs, too much cryptos and not enough working products just IDEAS. Its show and prove time

  11. Bitcoin coming close to that death drop!!!! If it does brace for impact because it’s gonna be ugly!!! Also so much for Tron it’s also sinking! See ya in July after the G20 meeting

  12. I've been holding for months and I've reached the point with a lot of my cryptos to where I'm starting to lose. I don't know if I should sell the few alt coins I'm still up on and make a small profit or just keep waiting and possibly lose it all

  13. I got into crypto last summer. At that time bitcoin was 3,000 lol. When September hit, I was actually asked by a stranger what bitcoin was when talking to a friend about it. Block chain will find its home if it hasn’t already, the hype about it all has died since and so has the volume in the market.
    I hope it comes back after tax season wraps itself up. Goodluck and ride those dips.

  14. As you must be aware, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and not the most risk-averse investment. It is one of those asset classes with an extremely high risk-reward ratio. reported on February 23rd 2018 that 46% of last year’s ICOs have failed already. Investors in the crypto space face the daunting prospect that 1 out of 2 investments are likely to fail.

    It was, therefore, important that any offer to investors minimises the loss of all their capital. Crowd for Angels has designed a unique structured investment product to provide investors with the comfort of a straight bond repayable in 5 years whilst offering them the opportunity of significant crypto gains through the issue of free ANGEL tokens.

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  15. Just wanted to share some breaking news with you. Take a look at the new partnership between CMPCP and Coin LTD. They have issued CampusCoin debit cards and merchant terminals operating on the CMPCP network. It's the world's first, dedicated Crypto Currency Payment Network. It bypasses Visa and MasterCard. Real world use to cryptocurrencies right now.

  16. Let’s be realistic. Where do you think of that money came from that pump the market in December? Do you think it was millennials spending half their minimum wage check who all got together on a Discord channel and decided to buy at the same time, or was it something else entirely. My personal belief is that it was one of the richest people in the world who wanted to see what would happen if they pump the market because they want to take control over it. The real value of bitcoin is below $2000. There is no other reason it should be more than that. The only chance we have it big coin breaking $20,000 would be if the mass majority of the United States and Asia or dollar cost averaging every single week. And we are a long way away from that happening. I fully expect big coin to drop to the $2000 mark and I will not be buying in until that happens. I’m not spreading FUD I’m just being objective.

  17. Crypto Investors understand that the time is now to buy in. It's not about the sharks they are already set. if you pay attention to whats going on you will see that there is a TON load of opportunity to buy into markets to hodl for the long term just make sure you research and then do more recon on the projects you are scoping out. Mute the FUD out of your life and realize the NEWS is not your advisor, you are if you are KNOWING your LEDGE, in other words, increasing your KNOWLEDGE because if not I guarantee you will fall off the financial LEDGE of FUD and whatever else comes down the SH*T pipe. I see all the RED as a PURGE getting rid of the faint and weak at heart investors and coins that worthless. Always remember this BUY LOW, SELL HIGH if that's the flavor you chose, but also remember this, Protect Your 3. 6, 9 and 12 which is my personal investment strategy for any market Traditional or Crypto. ONCE AGAIN GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO INVEST WISELY. YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING TO INCLUDE YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOURSELF OR THAT ANYTHING. SEE THE OPPORTUNITY IN THE RED…………………………………………

  18. Hi Guys! Don´t be worried about the Dips! Dips are the best moments in crypto. The dips don´t last years but weeks or months. Just see it this way: This is your chance to get a lot of bitcoins for a very low price! Crypto is THE FUTURE, don't doubt that! That means that we are getting all the GOLD for a very very CHEAP price! So hope for a very BIG dip, before BITCOIN CATAPULTING!!! Enjoy the ride guys!

  19. Jeff I have been in crypto since 14th Dec 17.
    I am a Hold guy.i watch all your YouTube videos.and enjoy every minute.i can hear in your voice when you feel happy or down.i feel the market cap now is a true reflection of the adoption.
    All the rest is whales and bots and day traders.there are some brilliant projects out there.of which many you have shown us.but the general public doesn't know all this.jeff keep up the good work.i am 57 yrs.i am holding so when we break free my family and friends will benefit from your help.

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