Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Review – Better than VeChain and Waltonchain?

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  1. "If you're in school dropout"
    As I am actively putting off a project for my compiler building course for my CS degree to watch videos on investing in crypto.
    Anyone in coding knows how much of a waste of time it is to learn how to build a compiler.

  2. love this coin. 10x by 2019 and such a cool tech. Fully developed, working product. Not like anything else ive seen. I also covered it on my channel and think its going to do amazing. Definitely in on this one. HODL

  3. Its magic how in just two weeks i made twenty thousand dollars with the help of brandon gaston, guy you can trade with him through whatsapp messenger, telegram or Skype, his system is best +1 781 720 7209

  4. FYI… The top guys in the NCASH program are Asian Indians and using their connections in India they are going to market NCASH in India. Huge potential.

  5. Hey Randall . Ian balina actually said in one of his live streams that he already sold out of his ncash because that's just what he does. He can be an advisor to any ico as long he is compensated enough lol

  6. I remember your videos not too long ago when you had your first subscribers! well done mate. Have you heard of a project called Neurochain? I think you would like this one and it would be great to hear your opinion about it. Take care

  7. Hey crypto love thank you very much for sharing us so much info. Could you make a video about Noah coin which just listed on HITBTC and this coin is gonna burn 57% of hole supply tomorrow. This could be a game changer.

  8. Another excellent video. I am new to your channel and I love your channel. I have watched all recent video you made. They are very informative and helpful. Really appreciate for all the hard work you put to make the video. In my research there is ICO called DIW. It seems very good ICO. Please if you can make ICO review video on DIW please.

  9. Do not invest in this project. They have paid this guy and ridiculous amounts to guys like Ian Balina who got 24 million tokens. The project isn't even good, and really serves no purpose in the retail ecosystem

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