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  1. Glad to hear you mention DeepOnion! Most people have not heard about it, but the potential of this crypto is just huge. What to mention first about this project? Native Tor integration? Stealth adresses? Meek integration? obfs 4 protocol ? DeepSend? Android wallet which is about to come out? For me it will be on the Top 30 on CMC, before the end of the year.

  2. I like the idea of not just focusing on one kind of coin. This means we gotta diversify. That's why I'm on ZCash, DeepOnion, NanoCoin and a couple other coins. Of the coins I'm holding, DeepOnion is the most interesting because it is a privacy coin with excellent features. Another reason why it's very interesting is its price, it's very cheap right now. Actually it's a very good time to buy now, fill some bags of Onions. πŸ˜€

  3. Nice video! I totally agree with you to diversify investing in privacy coins (not only in privacy coins :D). Monero is a good pick of course, but price is high.
    So I'm looking for some undervalued coins. I invested some money in DeepOnion and Verge in October. Maybe i will pick up some $Nano in the next weeks.
    Up for now i think DeepOnion will be performing as one of the best privacy coins this year. The development is really fast and the community is huge. I hope you are also on my side and you own some Onions, too. πŸ˜‰

  4. Great livestream πŸ™‚ I see you mentioned deeponion, I know they are releasing mobile wallets very soon. In your opinion how important is this for a crypto coin?

  5. Hi Datadash! great video! Educational and informative as always. You are right privacy coins are on the rise and getting popular these days! I also like DeepOnion among other cryptos, especially for its many good features, Android and Mac very soon available. Yes, artificial intelligence is getting popular too!

  6. Nick! TA DGD! You owe it to your countrymen! You owe it to your fans! You owe it to paying it forward and to all of humanity! DGD three/six month is Fibonacci art yin yang in action. Spare one minute’s time and you’ll see it glaring you in your face! Check it for Nike, just do it! Tell me I’m wrong Nick! You can’t.

  7. I think that anonymous altcoins are very undervalued. If you have so much money in cryptocurrency you should go and buy many anonymous coins. One of them that it's very interesting due to the hight community that support it and the tecnhology and innovation behind it's DeepOnion. If you want more information about it you should go to the main page Also you can buy it on Kucoin and cryptopia. Also there are others that can be a good option to buy and they are Monero and Zcash, very similars like DeepOnion in some aspects and very different in others, I dont follow those altcoin but I have some of them in case that something happen.

  8. Privacy coins are my picks of the year. I am currently holding Verge, DeepOnion and a bit of Dash, with the trend that it is going for the crypto world, I really think they are a going to take off really soon.

  9. Regarding Nano only achieving 33 tps mentioned at 21:40 that test was bottlenecked by the single VPS node that posted the transactions which was CLEARLY stated in the article. The only thing the article confirmed was that Nano network could indeed handle the volume that VPS was able to send. Had he spawned 1000 nodes he could have posted 1000x that amount and then verified whether the network would have been able to handle that as well. Unfortunately he didn't so as it stands we have no idea what the actual scalability of the network is.

  10. I think its going to be a long time before Bitcoin is widely accepted as payment for goods and services mainly due to it's volatility.

  11. I agee with diversifying your investments lower the risks and maximizing opportunities at the same time. I'm fond of privacy coins, specially those that has other ways to earn coins other than trading, like DeepOnion and bitcore, they both have free airdrops. DeepOnion is also an undervalued coin which means there's room for more growth and this is the right time to be part of it.

  12. Privacy coins are a good pick for 2018 in my opinion. Get some Dash, Monero and DeepOnion and see their value go up in spring again! As always diverse your portfolio, even in such specific fields of crypto.

  13. Nice video but you should check some things before speaking. You mentioned LTC is near an all time high so may not be good purchase now. You are wrong as LTC is very far from the high (that was over $300). Stating things like that will make a lot of money loose money as LTC is about to rocket once market picks up. You done the same with ripple and it multiplied by over 10X after you were telling people it is a bad purchase.

  14. Man what a great video. You talk about a lot of great topics and the mentioning of DeepOnion for privacy coins is awesome. So many great things coming out soon for DeepOnion. People will very soon see the ATH hit again and then the potential beyond that which is massive. Great video man keep it up.

  15. So many good suggestions and so many altcoions could be invested on. I personally also like privacycoins #monero #zcash #Deeponion are all seems could have a brilliant success in 2018, especially privacy coins are effective in transactions and anonymity is also guaranteed. That the future of blockchain and decentralisation.

  16. Great Video, thanks for uploading. In regards to your Privacy coin section, I started out a long time ago with Monero and then Verge after the Dodgecoin split, Have felt quite let down by the Verge dev team which seemed to be down to one active member despite the huge valuation. DeepOnion that you have mentioned seems to be on fire with releases recently such as the latest TOR upgrade etc, I checked out their roadmap and saw a number of interesting updates over the next few months that may make it a market leader. There are other smaller cap coins that are also doing pretty well like Cloak coin and Xspec too.

  17. Only caught the last part of the stream so just finished re watching.
    It's funny to see other Crypto streamers go silent during the bearish market but are so vocal during an unrealistic bull run.
    Still happy sitting on my Privacy coins: DeepOnion (as mentioned), Zoin and Monero. One a storng long-term bet, one a safe long-term bet and finally one being a stable longterm bet.

  18. So many good privacy coins. I started with Monero and still HODL. However, DeepOnion has caught my eyes with stealth addresses and mobile wallets coming. I really do think privacy coins will have a huge 2018/19/

  19. Hee nick! Unfortunately I missed this live stream, but just watched it all back! Good to see you talked about privacy coins for a bit, can you do this more often? πŸ™‚ maybe a top 5?

  20. I definitely agree with your idea of diversifying over privacy coins, but I still feel that zkSNARKS is just the first wave of secure transactions that that could be vastly improved. This is why I'd recommend Zcash over Monero due to ZEC's ongoing development of the improved protocol zkSTARKS. I also think long-term the tor-integrated DeepOnion is set to go far with the increased interest in tor-supported coins such as Verge.

  21. Nice, sounds like your gonna do an interview with BlockArray, thanks, is a WaltconChain and VenChain Competitor, except is based here in the states, so thats gonna be great for the west, They also have a plan for masternodes this month in March, Thanks for all the work , love your videos

  22. That feeling when you forget to turn on restream chat! I’ve done it before. Great stream, great content. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  23. I'm not sure if you discuss this in the stream as I haven't been able to listen to it fully, but more often than not you fail to discuss market manipulation with bitcoin. You're super bullish on it, but have yet to discuss the oscillation between 9.5k and 11.2k, which is happening due to pumping and dumping from whales. This oscillation isn't organic.

  24. Nothing wrong with watching Doug Polk for entertainment but the way he took things out of context, spreading rumors for views. It's dishonest and low. Clipping a philanthropist saying "I don't give a shit about kids dying" while he was explaining what truly caring means, Taking that out of context and having no clue what decentralized universal basic income is about. It's sad and I have 0 respect for that.

  25. Hey Nick! Check out GVT. It's been going at it for months and im pretty sure you'd like the project. Shameless shilling, but nonetheless a great project. Great to see you come back with new and fresh content. Keep it up!

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