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  1. nah bro not enjoying the live research, waste of our time if you haven't looked at it first, and you don't actually have time to analyse the white paper if you have to keep talking.

  2. NEM PRICE to MOON !!!! Eitherim killer NEM Started issuing tokens , BANKARA ICO on NEM platfrom . All ERC tokens will be burned in favour of NEM

  3. @Boxmining: Hi Michael! Thanks for digging in on VeChain! I sure would appreciate knowing how THOR is going to fit in with VET. It appears that Thor is going to be like GAS is to NEO. If so, GAS went up 60x in a VERY short period of time. Do you know, or can you find out how the corporations are going to pay for their services each month on the VET network? Will they pay in VET? Will they pay in Thor? I can't imagine holding one token without holding the other. Determining HOW to split the investment depends on HOW the corporations are going to pay for their monthly services. Have you any news on this? Thanks again! [PS… sorry for asking this several times on your various forum platforms. I am truly excited and most interested to hear back from you.]

  4. i came here as a gift. alt coins are having a massive selloff right before our eyes and if you own alt coins, you should consider liquidating your positions immediately and either keep your money or reinvest in actual bitcoin, which is the only undervalued cryptocurrency out of 1400. bitcoin is about to go nuts, like 'you wouldnt believe the number' nuts, and im trying to save a lot of people heartache of loss and im trying to help people who don't know any better. if you need data for what im saying, go look at and tell me what happened to bitcoin the last 4 times BTC dominance got this low? what happened to alt coins? if youre lucky enough to read this, you will be happy u did

  5. Hi Michael, thanks for all that you do for us!!!! I hate to ask you for more but I'm wondering if the problem with long live streams would be eliminated if after the fact you list the significant topics with the times they begin. Thanks again for everything!

  6. Hello, I've been following for the last two weeks and i'm very disappointed with this video.
    DRAGONCHAIN is a platform for ICO's and they released an Ethereum token. That token has an ingenious premise: if you hold them (put the dragons to sleep) you get points that add to your slumber score. The more score you have, you get advantages, like discounts to buy from the ICO's they launch. They are open for candidate startups to be IOC launched by Dragonchain and they already have a few hundred candidates. They get to pick the best, right? I believe this is an excellent idea, I want in on the ICO's they will launch and like me there are people holding their DRAGN to acumulaste slumber score. They have two already lined up.
    I recommend the AMA with the CEO, on their official reddit Dragonchain, not DRGN.
    I bought my first DRGN on the only exchanged that had them on December 4th: ETHERDELTA – it's very raw because it's a decentralized exchanges than runs on a Ethereum smart contrast. When you want to place an order, you have to send ether to the etherdelta_2 smartcontract, and pay GAS each time you interact with the contract. No logins, no id's, totaly decentralized. Complex, yes, but the greatest display of what a ethereum dapp can do.
    And VeChain, if you got your research right you had read this on December 30th: "VeChain launched the first commercial blockchain platform through which a Chinese state-owned enterprise is now tracking and managing red wine imported from overseas. Customers can use their mobile phones to scan the IoT tags attached to the wine bottles to access to information shared by manufacturers, logistic companies and distributors through blockchain. We will also see global luxury brands, automobiles and wine manufacturers use blockchain and IoT technologies developed in China to tackle counterfeiting and introduce completely new experiences to customers."

    Hope to see more research videos by you, but I don't understand why you so got technical on Dragonchain and not on Etherdelta. And completely missed VeChain, you did not even opened their website. My suggestion: don't get distracted by the chatbox.

  7. Hey Michael,

    I have an idea about if i like this type of video's or not. For me personal, i listen to most of my videos in the car driving to work for about 6-8h during per week. I follow several other channels about crypto and i dont have enough time listen to them all… esp the 1hour+ video's. 1h video's is just too long if you also follow other channels. These and other long video's could be wrapped up to 15min video's imo.

    Since june 2017 i watch every daily video. Thank you for that, i like your video's alot and enjoy the speed and tone of your voice. Sometime i feel like i want more or more indept information. Maybe you could make a followup on the daily and talk a bit more in dept about the news with max 30min video's?

  8. Hello! Good day! I am planning to buy verge but I don't want my coins to stay in an exchange. I do have a ledger but I don't know if they support verge already. Where do you store your verge coins? Thanks!!! 🙂

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