Verge XVG Proof of Partnership! – Cryptocurrency News April 2018

People are saying it’s tweeted it’s not flipkart, that was by an indian crypto company, not flipkart or Verge. Verge XVG proof of Partnership company – cryptocurrency news April 2018 – watch…


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  1. Has anyone considered the possibility Verge will partner with Facebook. Facebook just announced that it is considering an $11 monthly subscription for ad free viewing. Facebook recently had major issues with privacy concerns and a privacy token to pay for this subscription would make good business sense. Also, Facebook meets many of the descriptions given for the partner.

  2. Lots of dumping is going to happen if the announcement is good or bad. I'm hoping for a steady climb after the announcement instead of a boom and it falling back down like a bird being shot out of the sky.

  3. What high-quality, neutral video with such great details. Regardless who the partner is Crypto needs more YouTubers like this man. Highly Impressed. Keep up the great work.

  4. β€œthey are a multi billion dollar company, international. they have offices everywhere. they are the top tier of a 100bill a year market. i met with them in person a few months ago.”

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