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  1. What's the best way to cash out your positions when the coin is high so you can accumulate more when it drops again. Do you just trade your BTC for USDT and then buy BTC again when it is low. I've been noticing that Tether fluctuates below the USD sometimes which is kinda scary. Any advice would be most appreciated. Have a great time in Thailand dude I just got back from there.

  2. Wow, I am glad I found your channel. I think you have some great content! I liked your video and clicked on subscribe.

    I have one question – Do you always use your indicators to trade BTC vs USD or do you trade against other crypto currencies as well? Could it be profitable to compare, say BTC, ETH and TRX and trade them among each? Thanks!

  3. Charts works just because people using them, not because they show something. People just dancing by the chart rules, not vise versa. If in cryto would not be any investors – there will be no patterns.

  4. Hey DataDash, thanks for the video and clear explanation! I wanted to point out that the red line is actually the value of the difference between the 26 and the 12 day moving average, with the first being subtracted from the second and the result being plotted. That is the reason the The blue line is the 9 day moving average of the red line. Hence the values between the parenthesis including a 9. Because these 2 lines are based off of the difference between moving averages they can take both positive and negative values, which explains the range of values on the right of the plot including negative values. When the value of the lines is below zero it means the 26 day moving average is above the 12 day, which means that a bullish sign on the MACD can happen even when the MAs indicate a potencial pullback/reversal in trend. Vice-versa for values above zero. As such this adds even more information to interpret price action 🙂

  5. I been investing in equities for two years and i totally depend on news and TV though i manage my portfolio in my phone, this channel is opening the locked doors of my brain ! thanks, appreciate it !

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