Verge XVG Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption – What this means for Cryptocurrency – news April 2018

The last video on Verge XVG for a while i promise! Cryptocurrency adoption is here again, what does this partnership mean for crypto and price of XVG? – cryptocurrency news April 2018 With…


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  1. What that "really" means? We KNOW that Verge alias DogeCoinDark is a Fork, of a Meme-coin … that isn't private at all. So at the End, EVERY "Shitcoin" , Scam or Rip-Off-Scheme can get a "legit" Partnership if they are gotten big enough. Congrats to Verge, a smarter move then i thougt. The only thing is … the Verge-Coins that got paid to get into the "Deal" with Pornhub… didnt went to Pornhub … it only got collected from the makers of Verge… for.. what? Oh yeah, to get rich from the money of stupid investors… thats it, omg nearly forgot 😉

  2. I just don't human get psychology. If I did I would be a millionaire. I guess I will wait until the price drops and buy this coin. i see opportunity. WTF. People are freaking out about a Porn partnership? It sounds like classic case of emotional trading to me. At least XVG is being adopted and used, unlike other projects. I would see this as a start if anything. To me, this is a great test and use case for a coin. I would this would be a perfect test for them. In this bearish time when many companies are dropping cyptos, I think this is good news. It business. Porn or not. I guess people will never change. What other coins beside BTC, LTC, XLM, XRP, and now XVG actually have a real use , not just speculative case? Too many emotions. No wonder why this market is so volatile.

  3. Verge is anonymous and not traceable. Probably for these reasons it was used for illegal purposes. Those who previously used it for illicit purposes can now be justified by saying that they use it for pornhub. Personal opinion

  4. What a HUGE disappointment. Crypto is difficult to use unless you are dedicated to being in crypto. I don't see how being able to pay for porn on line is going to cause your average Joe/Jane to want to go thru all the machinations one has to go thru to turn fiat into verge coin. One has to go thru a lot of steps to purchase crypto, especially if it is not BTC or ETH. And, believe it or not, though the porn market is huge, I imagine it is the same users returning gain and again, not a sudden influx of new persons deciding that they now want to view porn because of verge. I venture that most consumers of porn don't really care that much about anonymity. So, I don't think XVG is going to be helped by this association with MindGeek.

  5. Can't believe all the negativity about this partnership its absolutely huuuge. It opens the gates for large multi national corporations to adopt this and surely coinbase as to adopt Verge after this.

  6. Like many folks in the crypto world… I was eager to hear of xvg's news today.  PornHub was the last thing I expected.  The crypto world never ceases to amaze me.  I'll be hodl'ing xvg for quite awhile.

  7. Internet started with porn it's only fitting crypto does too. All the speculators selling for no reason today are making a huge mistake. In a week to a month when verge is double or triple the price of what it is today theyre gonna regret it

  8. Is it Flipkart? oh wait, no. Just joking. Although I do recognise the benefits of a partnership with Mind Geek, ie. privacy of the users buying their products. But I dislike porn. That is my opinion. I do kinda wish it was Flipkart. But this is going to be massive.

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