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About the Author: DataDash



    0:05 Introducing DataDash
    1:45 Stereo sound to Mono
    2:08 DataDash speech starts
    2:53 DataDash introducing himself
    3:30 When he found Bitcoin
    4:45 Major innovations of Finance
    7:20 Bitcoin, the new revolution of money
    7:58 What makes Bitcoin revolutionary?
    9:28 How would ideal transaction work?
    12:50 What is blockchain technology? (3)
    14:15 Sound cuts πŸ™
    15:12 Sound resumes πŸ™‚
    17:45 Individual block of blockchain
    19:43 Manipulating the blockchain
    21:29 Proof of Work consensus
    22:20 Various blockchain implementations
    26:28 The Cryptocurrency Space
    27:50 Thank you all! Questions?
    Bad audio, only answers are timestamped…
    28:44 Explaining the valuation of Bitcoin, and more…
    32:09 51% Attack by Government
    34:25 Questions about the platforms
    35:31 Have you participated in ICOs?
    38:14 Is Lightning Network a problem to decentralization?
    41:50 Illicit purposes
    44:10 Government-backed cryptocurrencies
    44:52 So anti-climatic…
    45:20 Audio continues
    48:24 About the wallet security
    50:56 Getting involved with Cryptocurrencies
    51:36 ETFβ€”Simple solution coming in 2018-2019
    53:35 What are whales and their impact on the market?
    51:49 Few pieces of advice from DataDash
    56:55 Buy Bitcoin or Altcoin?
    59:43 Market stabilisation
    1:01:18 99% altcoins are worthless
    1:02:43 ???
    1:04:34 How does DataDash analyse cryptocurrencies?
    1:08:30 Eventual flushout will eventually come (slow or extremely fast)
    1:09:19 Tax wishes
    1:12:00 Private transactions (privacy will be huge topic in the future)
    1:12:56 Exchange recommendations for newcomers
    1:14:28 Comparing different exchanges
    1:15:25 Scalability solutions
    1:16:32 Enterprise applications
    1:18:42 A mining rig
    1:20:00 Advice: invest long-term: 5-10 years
    1:22:04 Safety measures
    1:23:28 ???
    1:24:22 ???
    1:25:02 Third generation cryptocurrencies
    1:27:38 What DataDash has experienced during the visit, excited for the future of
    cryptocurrencies and thanks everyone

    Last but not least…
    Coins DataDash is excited about:
    Wabi, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Icon, Neo, Substratum, Raiblocks, Cardano

    You're welcome. πŸ™‚

  2. it's Great you came to Limerick to share your knowledge and passion for crytocurrencies. this technology is the future and I am delighted that Limerick is embracing that future, I really wish the all the people involved there the very best and if I can help in any way with my limited experience and Knowledge (fervently learning all I can) I'd be happy to get involved.. proud of you Limerick

  3. Amazing seminar Nic. Wish I knew about it earlier because I would have headed down to Limerick myself! (Up in Dublin here)

    Cheers for the video man. Lots of good info for everyone to get started in Crypto. HOFDL NEO FTW ha.

  4. Hi Nick. I like your videos. A few times your mic is disconnected. Also questions are difficult to hear. You could repeat the question in one or two sentence. FYI for the next time.

  5. Your presentation in Limerick was different class Nic, well done indeed mate! I have a couple of ico idea's within two different industries, your input would be very much appreciated. Feel free to PM me to discuss my ideas.

  6. Hi Nicholas,Ur contents are good, really appreciate that and i have 1 request that please make setting for BAT tokens to ur youtube channel so that i can include BAT to ur channel via Brave browser. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  7. Hey data dash… Good to see you over in Ireland hope you hit Dublin soon would love to go to 1 of your groups..
    How did I not no you where going to limerick I view your channel everyday..I'm looking to get into crypto coins on a bigger scale..and a channel.. drop us a message if ya get a chance..πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ’°πŸ’Έ

  8. @DataDash you do realize if you got up to the podium and snapped at the beginning of the speech it would have been among the most epic crypto vid of all time.

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