Pundi-X (PXS): Buy Bitcoin Easily 🤣?!?!

Pundi X built a POS machine + Card to allow people to easy buy Crypto as easily as buying water. Is this even possible – Check out the video to find out.


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  1. I love your videos and I learn lot. I have been trying to buy PundiX for a month now and I am not able to because Idex is down and every time I try, it's under maintenance.

  2. It would also be really cool if you were to be able to adapt this technology to a machine in conjunction to a credit card machine thus having multiple options. For example, visa, mastercard, bitcoin, ada, eth….

  3. Boxmining – another great video thanks. Can I suggest to record the sound in mono. Or convert the stereo recording into mono. Would sound better.

  4. The issue I find with this is that you need to use a card – where the future is pointing to doing all transactions via your Smart Phone. If you can do transactions CardLess than you got something.

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