How Low Will Bitcoin & Altcoins Go?? 😒 (w/ Technical Analysis)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price drop today. How low will Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies drop? Is this price all due to South Korea FUD or are whales …


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  1. I'd love to win one of those cool shirts 😎 – Bet l'd be the only bod in Australia wearing one – Please put my name in the hat bud πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Its the CME Cartel, which is comprised of Wall Street Banksters who are trying hard to control and suppress the Bitcoin price. They are scared! But I think they will realize soon that they can not control it, because it's: Global! De-Centralized! Fixed Supply! It's The Future of Money! Of course there are other choices for savvy investors to allocate some of their funds, like NEO EOS ADA XLM… so BTC may not be the best option for a short term 10X potential appreciation.

  3. U have to see it the other way…. the trendlines of your chart shows the B Wave of an ABC downtrend (becaus December Wave was Elliot Wave 5). So we still will see a C wave that is even go lower than A (which was around $6k).
    So maybe… this B wave right now ist still not finished and could go up to 11k (but doesnt have to). We will definitely see sub 5K this year. BTC will not go higher than 12k in 2018.

  4. 6800….think it'll go to…but 5hen againπŸ˜€.I think ill buy some digibyte in a bit……can't figure out other exchanges til I get internet next month…hardware wallet…you recommend trezor, right?😯thanks again for your to the point and good info videos..⭐🌠⭐🌠I'm excited to the future.

  5. That’s why I want to vote Bernie Sanders in 2020, he’s been running on free college tuition for decades as well as universal healthcare like every other first world country.

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