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  1. In the market of Forex/binary options, you can only make it and continue winning when you are dealing with good strategy and nice Account Manager who can be up and doing, i suffered lost in the hands of dubious Managers until i connected to Mr Frank Robert through his email posted by fellow traders that was when i began to know that they are some sincere Account Managers/Nice Broker with great and wonderful strategies in the market, with Mr Frank i win weekly nothing less than $18k.usd, i will forever remain grateful to him.

  2. If you go back to Oct 24th, it did the opposite of everything you said at the beginning. Hey! Daytrading ain't easy xD But when you positioned the bull case scenario it did that so I'm still giving you a like ! Good stuff man.

  3. Nick, i love your channel. I'm hoping that you can reccomend say 2 books to me….1. being on an introduction to blockchain technology (for beginners) as a,way to grasp the big picture , and 2. A book on the basics of the crypto market as far as learning about market analysis and how to asess coins and the tech behind them (is it a worthy risk and not a scam).

    I made a newbie mistake and entered the market right before the downturn in early January. I was smart enough to hold and am seeing recovery slowly but surely.
    I want to educate myself on the new technology as it is exciting and then how to invest smartly.


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