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  1. @data…my friend in Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· needs an easy to understand video highlighting the path to take to using btc to access stabil coins to protect their money πŸ’°…maybe you could make one…it’s not

  2. While I agree with most of what you said in this video. As a dude living in the Netherlands trading mostly between crypto and Euro's, it seems important to keep in mind the bigger picture as well as recent and historic economic figures. This discussion seemed a lot more relevant when the half of western Europe were on the brink of possibly electing (far)right governments. Now, seeing as that didn't happen coupled with strong economic growth and low unemployment across the Eurozone I'm more worried about the US dollar, pound and yuan. And traded those 3 in for crypto currencies. With a heavily polarized US, UK and the slowdown of the Chinese economy the Euro seems like a 'safe' option. But that's just my opinion and I'm open to evidence to the contrary.

    Just because these protests/riots in France have been in the headlines a lot doesn't mean they will affect the other countries with different situations and different cultures. 280,000 French protesters are not suddenly gonna bring down the currency of 341,000,000 Eurozone citizens.

  3. France has a average work week of 35 hours, while here in America we have a average of 44. They are complaining because they don’t want to work more. Well boo freakin hoo. How about a whambuger and French cries to fill you up before you go to work tomorrow.

  4. Cryptocurrency to be implemented in Europe would cost a lot… too many logistics to replace fiat. Unless there was some kind of huge sponser/crypto investor willing to take that risk. I hope one day Crypto would take over, but not yet..

  5. Europe is experiencing the fallacy of what Socialism brings your economy, your society, and functionality. Their leaders have allowed the Islamic invasion. They have social programs that allow for everyone to take off in the middle of Summer in Germany, the ridiculous Energy policies of the environmental movement and all sorts of feel good, non outcome based theories. I am thinking it will get bad enough where they will invite Putin come in (Especially in France) to get them back into a functional model. Did he not send the National Christmas Tree to France from Russia?

  6. I know that it is an unpopular opinion but if the Eurozone survived the Greek bail-out and the Cypriot bail-in it will come out stronger. All the mistakes were done with Greece and Cyprus and eurozone learned from them. Right now France is not the major issue, Italy is, but they came to an agreement for Italy today. Brexit is an issue short term but long term I believe will be a good thing for the Eurozone and EU in general as the UK has always been with one foot out the door.

  7. I'm from France and Yes the Euro will collapse, we won't stop until we got our country back from those politicians, and others countries are following, Italia, Belgium, Germany, Netherland.

  8. Hi Nick! Awesome content as usual. Money isn't everything but money drives everything. Crypto will thrive. I would very like to see the adoption in European countries which will lead to main adoption. My only worry is that the government will introduce centralized cryptocurrencies with the hands from the banks. Onboarding people with the idea and benefit of decentralized currency is the greatest hurdle in my opinion. It took me sometime too. (Edited for grammar correction)

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