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  1. Guys, let me make something clear off the bat. As with every podcast, this was NOT a paid interview. The only sponsorship is the 30-second spot at the beginning. Please, I know many are down because of the bear market, but don't make blanket allegations that I've sold out.

  2. This was one of my favorite cryptos last year. Haven’t bought any in quite a long time…but I do see big things for this in the future (PS – Good to know they are well funded too)

  3. Great interview. Yep tangible progress. So many projects claim to subvert internet censorship and although I applaude their work only Sub has proven the capability

  4. How are there dislikes here? What an incredible opportunity of options! I don’t totally understand the geekdum 🤓 but I get the implications of the end results. I’m an old fart but I get more and more interested in getting into coding and software.

  5. When I first heard about Substratum I was really excited. However I've seen some criticism and accusations being thrown around. Some people were even suggesting that Sub would exit scam.
    I don't know where all this FUD comes from, but I hope it's just FUD and nothing more than that.
    This interview was great. At least it shows that they're still around and that they're doing stuff.

  6. Nick you seem to be doing a whole lot of apologizing and having to explain yourself to people these days. Stop bro. It looks like weakness. Keep doing your thing and disregard people that don't like it.

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