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  1. Yo Nick nothing but love. Thank you for all your knowledge and help! I've learned a lot from you and I listen to your videos like podcasts every day of the work week, they get me through the day! Keep it up man! <3

  2. thanks for the content man, i dumped 1000 dollars into NEO at $22 as i thought it was a guaranteed get rich quick scheme. Then decided to educate myself before trading anymore. your videos have been a huge help. waiting for a further BTC pull back before i start adding alt coin into my portfolio. hope to make some good profits using the techniques and strategies you go over in your videos, keep up the good work!

  3. Your analysis is brilliant, but your constant thanking donors every 60 seconds is wasting my time and truly unbecoming for you. I can't watch you anymore until you make your videos based on crypto and stop pandering and narcissistic self attention. PLEASE just give us the INFO!!!!!

  4. Gratz 4 the 50k ! I'm watching your previous videos, it's very helpfull ! I've finished to watch the video and found an answer to my question on EOS. I've been reading and searching a lot on this project and it really seems to be the main project of Dan Larimer who did so good in past years from the beginning of blockchain to steemit and so … Just to say, Vitalik from ethereum announced that ethereum will be 2 times quicker than visa in 2 years but … Eos is already 2 times faster than visa … When the others are building cars, he's building a spaceship.

  5. Nick hello from the 🇬🇧. I never get to see your live stream as I am well. Tucked up in bed. Maybe you could try sometimes an earlier one? Love you stream. When I was 13 All I cared about was doing new tricks on my skateboard. All the best. Pplondon

  6. Congratulation for 50k subscribers. You are the best crypro youtuber! 🙂 Can you say something about TenX next time, thanks.
    Greetings from Slovenia 🙂

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