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  1. I'm fairly new to crypto and trading. I suck at trading though, not disciplined enough to do my due diligence. I opened an Iconomi account after watch your video and my portfolio is up 17.29% since 28th Nov. Cheers Nick!

  2. Iconomi team robbed us of selling Iconomi tokens that have no value. With our investing money they made made a new platform cold BLX. Instead of promised value, you can be part only with BTC or ETH. With Iconomi tokens you can only wipe your ass! Its time that police make investigation in their white book…

  3. I've aways been looking for a crypto index fund to invest so this looks nice. If I can buy and also sell my range or array of tokens then that would be amazing. If not then that'd be… meh because if I can't sell my portfolio when the markets are down then I will be making less money.

  4. We love you Nicholas but please, please stop clicking at the beginning of your videos. Pleeeesecoin. Tip coming your way if you stop and I will get 20 of my friends to subscribe.:)

  5. Thanks for this review, Nicholas.
    I like the concepts of Iconomi but what aroused my interest was the fact that there is already a platform in production and showing results!!
    At Iconomi I also like the possibility of one create ist own investment fund (DAA) and (if success) bring some investors to put some money in it.
    I've already sign up but I'm waiting for the Tier confirmation.
    I want to put some money in BLX DAA and hopefully in the future have my own DAA.
    For me the potential of the ICN is not clear too.
    But I think that the level around 0.005ETH could be a nice entry point.

  6. I checked into your question on the value of ICN tokens, I have written Iconomi with some questions but am attaching a link from their website where they have provided a vague answer to the question of the value of the ICN token. I am an ICN token holder but from my understanding of the subject cannot invest in the DAA currently being offered such as BLK.  I have questioned them as to what advantages there are to holding the ICN token rather than converting it into a more usable currency and investing in BLX.

  7. Your channel is great. Speaking of assets, what do you think about BitBean and its steaking program?
    BitBean seems to be the first blockchain based Point of Sale in America. Please let us know what you think about it. Thank you!

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