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  1. Chef the Bitcoin machine u were looking for in Vancouver was the only one, been the first one, in the world because of the 2010 Olympic. IT WAS LOCATED AT YVR VANCOUVER AIRPORT here u go my friend first ever in the world Bitcoin machine YVR 2010 Olympic Vancouver

  2. I just saw this on Facebook. Any thoughts?
    Important post from Original Admin:

    Being one of the founding members of this group, and being a key part in helping sharing the information about Ripple and XRP at its infancy, I feel the need to share some information.

    When I first looked into Ripple, I was extremely optimistic about it. I first got to look at it around $0.005 per XRP when my friend Leon a (founding member of adbank, another crypto) told me about it. I spent weeks looking into everything and decided to get as many as I could, well over 300k XRP at the time.

    I then went on to create this group in hopes to help as many people reach the moon with me. Friends joined in at 0.02, some at 0.05, some at 0.07, some at 0.10, an so on.

    We managed to make from this one simple move and charge of educating people about ripple and its near future, a increase of wealth of well over $1,000,000 profit for the members in this group. Many paid off debt, travelled the world, some bought property, others kept it all in, and so on.

    I was one of the ones who held 90% or more for the long term. But I also will need to update this group on my outview on XRP, as after a 50x increase from when we first saw it, there is much to consider.

    #1. I know we are all excited about the escrow, but this has most likely already been accounted in the price during the major rise of XRP earlier this year.

    #2. There is clear manipulation to keep XRP under 0.30, and there is obviously new XRP coming into circulation monthly form the company selling it off, but how much XRP have they sold to banks, and not speculators and traders like us? Well after the SWELL conference, Brad the CEO did mention while they havent sold XRP to any banks yet, they sell their other software to banks. This means they make money from selling US the XRP at the moment and liscence software to banks that has nothing to do with XRP, which is where their client list is about.

    #3. Since Ripple is only focused on banks, they make enough to be wealthy off the selling of XRP to hodlers, and they also make profits on banks using their other products, it in a sense has no care for us as individuals, or what will happen to the price beyond this point. I will be very certain that it will not break past 0.30 for a while since the AMEX news did not. You need to accept since this is not a CRYPTO, its a Token on ILP that it is very centralized, and therefore does not follow the rules of bitcoin, or decentralized tokens. That means they will not increase their cost of coins until they have a constant stream of banks or other institutions buying it. This wont happen for a while. In the mean time the price will bounce from 0.20-0.30 and will be good for trading, but I will go into further detail below why it isnt rising as much.

    #4. Stellar, who I first hated, proved after SWELL that they are actually a serious contender. They honestly have the chance to be the next "Ripple" when it comes to growth. Ive been off fb but in it since the 0.025 and its already at 0.10 and still climbing and non stop good news. The reason behind it is that they are a non profit and working a diffrent angle, which is clearly getting them much more use for their token since they arent trying to profit off selling it as much to enterprises as ripple is. Now after the IBM partnership i looked into IBM, they are actually the #1 tech firm leader when it comes to blockchain, many dont know that, which means that now Stellar is actually in a better position for 2018 than Ripple was. They also both have same total supply and Stellar has HALF the current circulation of XRP, meaning it could be double the price realistically, and should be based of real currency case use.

    But this isnt about Stellar, this is more about the whole addressing this group about alot of things in crypto.

    I DO think Ripple will have room to grow in the next 5 years. But I will be 1000% honest and tell you, the biggest wave has passed. If it were to hit $1 a ripple that would be incredible in 5 years, but you need to again look at it more like a business and less of a crypto now that the world is more set for it.

    I think the same thing for stellar. It will have room to grow, as well as LTC, and BTC, and ETH.

    But please do not focus on getting rich, but more on educating yourself about the cryptos in general, learning about all the features of them.

    Many people here dont know about decentralization, what peer to peer means, what blockchain actually does, what mining is, what nodes are, why there are diffrent blockchains, or any of that.

    Many just see large numbers or small priced coins and think it will become bitcoin, and I am here to sadly say that wont happen to any centralized currency for sure.

    If you want to succeed in this industry, you will need to educate, diversify, and make this something that becomes important enough to spend the time learning.

    I am still going to be investing in alt coins as always, but not doing what I did wrong with XRP and trusting in only it, and believing it to care about the investors.

    Once I have some things lined up from my network of people I will try to help by bringing experts in to educate everyone about everything out there, so you dont get stuck praying for one company when the blockchain industry is full of tons of crazy opportunities, but also lots of scams you need to be careful about.

    I am getting heavy into mining now in Canada, some of you might be interested in partnering with our company we have for that, but we will not just be doing mining there as we have an office for our experts and consultants. But we are taking things one step at a time as there is so much we are looking to get into with cryptos.

    I had the privilege to talk to people who had been with BTC since 2011, who were Mining Darkcoin by the thousands (now knows as DASH), who write white papers for ICOs and who also code among blockchain tech.

    And I can tell you the future is bright for cryptos, you just need to be with trustworhty people who care about the well being of the tribe, and im glad to say this community will be perfect for that as we are very protective of our members. You should see how many people try to post ponzis and scams on the wall of this group daily, the mods do a good job at keeping that stuff off.

    Anyways. Just an update since i been AWOL for months. Hope everyone is well, and stay tuned


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