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  1. What is EOS – a shitty centralized token run by criminals and globalists to try and supplant Ethereum.
    HEY EOS – Stop launching shit coin airdrops to clog ETH network, you scumbags!

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  3. I am not a coder…just a pleb…please correct me if the following is way off base….

    cryptocurrecies are bullshit (as they are now). just a game for coders that leaves the rest of the world behind. ( like politicians creating policies the no one understands ) if we are gonna create a new “currency”, it should be based on things that have actual value ( and exist ) ie. natural resources, education, community participation and man made products. As things stand now, you have to mine cryptocurrencies to create anything. How do you do that? With a computer or mobile device. Better device means more currency = rich people and corporations or the people who create the system will always have a major head start on everyone else. There are already malicious attacks through web pages and other apps to use your device to mine currency for someone else.

    blockchain is amazing but the focus on cryptocurrency is distracting everyone from the most powerful uses like government management, financial aid to charities and NGOs, health care and personal identity management. If we can start by using blockchain technology to create more equality in society instead of just focussing on “Money”, the rest of the system will manifest naturally and organically.

    Also….more computers and devices means more power….which is the opposite of where society should be going. Shouldn’t we be minimizing our use of resources? Reducing our effect on the planet? Remember…….Global Warming……

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  6. Hi boxmining! i've been observing the token distribution of EOS for some time, and by hour 23 you find that the amount of ETH donated is often around 4000-6000, yet the moment it reaches 23 hours and that day's donation account closes it magically jumps to around 20,000 ETH. is the EOS team adding that ETH? this has confused me.

  7. I just purchased some EOS coins a few days ago and was told, I needed register the coins. Is that still case? Everything I have come across are back from December 2017 or older.

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  9. Question on registering my EOS coins bought from Binance. Why do i have to register them? Also, I went to the site and clicked on the GET EOS link; but it is grayed out and there is a message that reads. "US-IP detected, participation not allowed". So 1. Do I really need to register my EOS coins I bought from Binance. 2. If yes, how do I that?

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