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  1. Serious question: Since marketing and PR are one of the major components to a coin's success, do you really think a coin with such a clunky name as Basic Attention Token can be a dominant player in the crypto space? Why it was named that is beyond me.

  2. The advertising industry is today on par with the Banking industry in terms of their ethics and exploitation of the general population. I think if the financial industry faced a resistance from crypto, the advertising industry should too. But would advertising giants also enter into this just like the banking system is hoping to hijack crypto?

  3. Great browser it blocked Ads and trackers the browsers will show you how many are blocked if you want to experience fast browsing no lagging and free advertising this is great for mobile browser.

  4. BAT is going to save advertisers from themselves. I'm very familiar with Brave+BAT. Do you feel the future is: Google+BAT, Yahoo!+BAT, Facebook+BAT? Will BAT serve platforms' environments as well as it serves the browser environment? How so?

  5. I love the Brave browser and BAT. I use it and my family uses it. It only took 1 single demonstration for us to switch. I can't wait until chrome extensions are easy usable/enable-able in brave browser. Thank you for your video DataDash!

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