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  1. You did not mention the Monero fork and first ever airdrop that happens in a month from now, MoneroV. It is claimed to address max coin supply and bloated blockchain issues. Thoughts?

  2. The best thing is here, Anyone who holds Monero prior to the fork (that will occur ~7th March 2018) will be an owner of MoneroV and will receive 10 times the Monero amount as MoneroV coins

  3. I have really been enjoying your current videos as a boon to my research. Seeing this older video from three months ago and seeing where Monero is today definitely builds my confidence. Thank you for all the time you put into your channel!

  4. Have you ever taken a public speaking course? If so, you would learn not to talk until you're out of breath forcing you to take suffocating choking inhales with an emphasis on the smacking of your lips.

    Slow. The fuck. Down.

  5. there are no other privacy enabled cryptos like monero – essentially, all others (zcash, dash) are bitcoin blockchains, with an option to 'go private' or have various forms of 'coin-mixing' algorithms, – all of which have many fundamental problems associated with them that are core to 'what they are' – a public blockchain asset that tries to hide itself sometimes.

    monero is unique in how it approaches transactions. it is essentially born anonymous with the option to occasionally announce your transaction to the world if you want. it cannot be hacked or reverse enginerred for identity because that data does not exist like it does in btc-like blockchains

  6. Left for some people, they will never reveal the secret of their success to others just like Mr Scott Adrian has been doing for some years now, i am sure we are all smiling today due to his great strategy which has returned all traders back to winning ways, Thank you Scott for your great help, am on my way to my first Million.

  7. Hey Nick! Thanks for mentioning us. Just a clarification on something, you mentioned that it's an interesting fact that we're operating in China where there is a lot of concern about government control of cryptocurrencies. Actually, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China that has it's own separate legal and political system, and it is in fact the freest economy in the World and one of the friendliest jurisdictions for cryptocurrencies in the World.

  8. I am new to the channel, but if you ever get a chance I would love to hear your analysis on Sia and Burst. Great video and I loved the effort to stay neutral and allow people to make their own choices, while providing factual data!!

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