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  1. Healthcare spending in the USA currently makes around $10,000 per year and is expected to hit nearly $15,000 per person a year by 2023. Reasons for increased spending are often tied to an increase in data storage and administrative costs. To solve this, we need to turn to blockchain technology that has all the chances to provide a solution. Solvecare is an accurate example for it. Solvecare was a good project with 30 million dollars in Top of highest funded crowdfunding projects by Wikipedia. Moreover, it collaborated with big partnerships on healthcare industry like Arizona Care Network – one of the US leading accountable care organizations and The Dinocrates Group is a Rockville-based company which dedicates itself to deliver the best strategy and technology practices and advisory to established firms. Hopefully, Solvecare will expand in Viet Nam that is my hometown in the latest time.

  2. Video fails to show how HIPPA-sensitive patient data is secured, along with showing how access to that data is restricted on a "need to know" basis, and how access to those records are logged.

  3. OK, so how do I buy PTOY? Bitfinex is leaving the US, one of the other possibilities trading it takes only wire transfers over $10,000 (!) and the other has a shady reputation. So where can I buy PTOY with credit/debit like Coinbase, which doesn't trade it?

  4. Pretty surprised your review seems satisfied with their team. Their team seems to have little to no coding experience. Rob Campbell? Never heard of him, and there's no data on him. Why is his coding skill worth my investment? Chrissa seems to have zero knowledge of the blockchain, and her linked in lists some really adolescent things that should be removed. Generally their team has experience that screams "this is the first time we've gotten this far, all our other startups have failed or never got off the ground". Surprised they even have a token to be honest. If you're thinking of investing, go watch a Chrissa McFarlane interview… It was so cringe-worthy I had to pause in the middle of it.

  5. I like the idea of leveraging blockchain for healthcare data and ptoy looks to be making strides in this arena. There are questionable gaps in their development team and experience however. While their chief software architect has a great educational foundation, his professional expertise in this arena is lacking.

  6. I thought about this months ago. Its genius. It could save a lot of trouble. My grandfather has numerous doctors and when he needs a test done, he has to schedule different doctor appointments just to get the ok for the other doctor to do the test. It is a huge pain in the ass and very time consuming. This is a game changer.

  7. I got involved with patientory @ $0.26, but I wasn't very impressed with the non-technical CEO/founder, and it's proprietary algorithm, so if there is a flaw in the algorithm and they get hacked and patient data is leaked, then would a lawsuit be forthcoming, and if so, to what extent would the price be affected?

  8. Very thorough analysis, as always. My one question is – how is Patientory more useful than other "use for" cryptocurrenices? Why couldn't you use another more established crypto instead of PTOY?

  9. Hey DataDash. I'm a huge fan of yours and think you're one of the higher batting % people on Crypto/Youtube.
    I work for a major hospital (one of the top 5 according to US Weekly) and too much of this Crypto is red flags for me – even if it's a long term hold.
    For starters I'm very skeptical of the people in charge of this crypto.
    I was excited about the idea and mentioned it to a few people, but they don't seem to check out with their own resumes.

    They've advertised a relationship with Kaiser that several people at Kaiser claim isn't established.

    The CEO also seems fishy. Sherpaa is a skeptical company to work for in general. Jay Parkinson (their CEO) is a bit unethical with his own practices of business and her title of Navigator makes me think that she's on the very low end of the totem pole – especially since she only has 1 year of experience. You can look up reviews on Sherpaa and it's not only a flimsy company but the turnover there is not good.

    I'm not sure how solid the development team is on this either. This isn't OMG, ARK, or other Cryptos that have teams in place that have industry experience and the fact that I can't confirm any of the partnerships – is questionable. I'm having a few people that deal with some of the other stuff talk to me this weekend – but this feels like a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

    Do I see a company trying to do something like this in the future? Yes. And the reason why it's a great idea is because it's a problem that needs to be solved. But this seems to be a huge red flag / potential scam

  10. I work in Healthcare IT, specifically with clinical data exchange. Several elements that this team needs to focus on to truly make a breakthrough in the industry is a combination of user experience (patient and physician), speed, and price. This is what is going to drive adoption in this space. Right now all the major HCIT players are hot with development in the data-exchange market. The biggest pain points are usability for the physicians, accessibility for the patients, and speed. The current tech in the space has been maturing with system-compatibility, secure networking, and data-storage. This should be the easy part for Patientory, followed by ensuring they are on point with compliance and data-mapping. Long story short, this project is either going to win BIG, or fail hard…..remember, Google was thinking about jumping in this space and then backed off.

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